Republic of Kazakhstan, 140000, Pavlodar, Kutuzov street-4/1-2. Tel.: +7 (7182) 559773, 539773,

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The main

LP "Continent-Service" is one of the leading enterprises in the sphere of supplies of broad equipment assortment and industry engineering, heat power engineering and oil producing branch in Kazakhstan.

Our enterprise is a member of Kazakhstan chamber of commerce and industry, consisting in the register of National Wealth Fund "Samruk-Kazyna".

We are trusted partners in Kazakhstan for up to 20 well-known enterprises-manufacturers; many of them have given us exclusive rights.

The enterprise has in its structure:

  • two regional warehouses in Pavlodar and Astana with a constant availability of steam and hot-water boilers, a boiler auxiliary equipment.
  • a mission in the Russian Federation, which devotes to supplying the missing components of our needs with an associated equipment from Russia and provides logistics and well-timed delivery to Kazakhstan.
  • a developed regional network of planning and assembly accredited companies.

holding group An official distributor of the product company "Energetic"? The concern "Medved" Certificate of Chamber of Commerce

All Certificates

We realize a turnkey contract of complex contracts in the heat generation field.


A special order for a mining and processing production complex

A stainless steel draught equipment (ВД-12 ВД-13,5) was made for the "Stepnogorsk mining and chemical complex".


Supplying of solid fuel lower-power boilers КВр-0,3

Solid fuel lower-power boilers КВр-0,3 were delivered for the school in the village Margulan and for the station Boshcakul in Ekibasstuz region.


Delivery of a boiler ДКВр 10-13С, a furnace ТЛЗМ 2-2,7/4,0

A boiler ДКВр 10-13С, a furnace ТЛЗМ 2-2,7/4,0 and an associated equipment were delivered for the boiler house in the settlement Shiderty.


Equipment supply

From September to November 2010 "Continent-Service" supplied equipment for needs of the following enterprises: "SKER" (Pavlodar), Atameken LTD (Ekibasstuz), "Hado Asia" (Astana).


Supply of a crab and a smoke sucker ДН-15

A crab and a smoke sucker ДН-15 were supplied for "AsiaEnergoProject Montag" (Shcuchinsk).

Republic of Kazakhstan, 140000, Pavlodar, Kutuzov street-4/1-2. Tel.: +7 (7182) 559773, 539773,

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