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Pumping equipment 

The main area of the "Continent Service" is a supply of pumps and pumping aggregates.

According to customers wishes, pumps can be supplied by individual application, completed with driving motors or a ready-fitted pumping part with a driving motor on the common or separate frames in the way of a pumping aggregate.

For this purpose the assembling is arranged, equipped with all necessary technological machineries, permissive to realize the following works: welding, a mechanical treatment, fitter's works, testing, and a paint application.

The suggested pumping equipment covers a broad spectrum of power capacities and is used in the sphere of housing and communal services, oil and gas, chemical industries, power engineering and other industries.

According to activity principles, the pumping equipment is divided into dynamic, centrifugal and pumps of a volumetric operation (gear, piston, and plunger).

The most relevant types of the pump equipment are:

  • Pumps for pure water
  • Pumps for hot water and a steam condensate
  • Pumps for waste and industrial water
  • Pumps for paper pulp and suspensions
  • Pumps for chemically active liquids
  • Pumps for abrasive oxyhydroxites
  • Pumps for oil, oil products, gas
  • Pumps for a polyphase medium
  • Proportioning pumps
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Well water supply
  • Nuclear energetic
  • Reservoir pressure maintenance
  • Oil and oil products transfer
  • Transfer of water with mechanical impurities
  • Transfer of impure water
  • Transfer of waste water
  • Transfer of pure water
  • Chemical pumps
  • Heat and power engineering
  • Liquid batching

Republic of Kazakhstan, 140000, Pavlodar, Kutuzov street-4/1-2. Tel.: +7 (7182) 559773, 539773,

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